Our neighbor prefecture Akita also has lots of must-see spots, Kakunodate, famous for Samurai houses, Lake Tazawa, Japan’s deepest lake and more ! You may choose short tour at Koiwai farm from their various courses.

角館武家屋敷通り  tazafuyu 09:00 pick up at hotel (or any place in city center) ・Koiwai Farm (for their optional tours, go to : http://www.koiwai.co.jp/makiba/en/) ・Tazawako (Lake Tazawa) ・Lunch at Tazawako rest-house ・Kakunodate, Samurai houses 16:00 drop off at hotel (or any place in a city center)

Tour Code/Name

F2 / Kakunodate, Tazawako Full Day Tour

Departure date at


Tour fare

①: 31,000yen/sedan (1~4)
     52,000yen / van (1~9)

②: 37,000yen/sedan (1~3)
     58,000yen / van (1~8)

③: 61,000yen/sedan (1~3)
     82,000yen / van (1~8)

Remarks :
①= without guide/translator
②= with volunteer Eng./Chi. Translator
③= with licensed Eng./Chi.speaking guide

Price includes:
*chartered taxi fee
*toll and parking fee

Tour depart at

9:00 at Hotel lobby or Morioka station

* hotels in Morioka city center
* please confirm the meeting point at Morioka station on our website

Tour finish at

Hotel lobby or Morioka station

Min. 1 person

Minimum 1 person

* No tour leader or tour cordinator escort the tour


☆Stroll in ancient atmosphere in Kakunodate
☆Short farm tour in Koiwai farm (option)
☆Beautiful waterscape of Lake Tazawa